Please include the following 5 points when making your query:

1. Full Name, Contact number & Email.

2. Running time of the booth (usually 9-12 for weddings)

3. Date of occasion. 4. Venue name & location

5. Which package you are interested in.


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Looking forward to working with you!

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My Promise To You (Terms and Conditions)

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You want the best, right? Allow me to introduce myself.

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My obligations to You:

  • I will always strive to provide the best service and product possible. This is why I use DSLR with all of my photo booths in order to give you the best picture quality.
  • The service I provide is second to none, and I guarantee 99.99% (if not all of the photos will find their place into the photobook for the bride and groom). This is because I make it my duty to personally stick the photos into the book myself, ensuring a fuller and more complete album for you. One photo will always go to the guest unless you have chosen the Platinum package for unlimited photos).